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Advantages of the Dedicated Development Team From Arbutus

Why should someone consider setting up the dedicated software development team in India instead of other locations? Well, there was little to be noticed about India's technology development until the past decade where a lot of improvement has been felt. Probably, the world has all along been concentrating on the conflict in the east and has been using it as an identity to the rest of the sovereign state. However, not anymore.  India is currently ranked 4th by science and technology capabilities among 126 countries. Such a listing had to be made from information gathered from what is happening in India and from that is where we get to meet the happenings as far as IT is concerned and especially providers of the dedicated development teams in India.

Starting with the most popular news of a two-year-old Ukrainian startup, who was bought by Snapchat at USD$150 million, is already a pacesetter of how much IT and outsourcing have developed. Looksery, was using facial recognition technology that Snapchat would be using as its filter lens to allow users to photoshop video chats in real time. In addition, Google had before paid USD $45 million to purchase a Ukrainian software development company for facial recognition software. All these recent and even the upcoming breakthroughs are as a result of a foundation of past successes like the online-writing enhancement software and Paymentwell all which were developed in the state.

Technology in India is gradually proving to be worth investing into as well as outsourcing startup software development companies. In fact, there is a rough estimation of the existence of about 2000 startups across the country, an indication of a significant growth of different outsourcing service models such as dedicated software development team in India. Therefore, there is a vivid indication that the world is now actually turning their eyes to India as it is fighting its way through the technology war!


For the last half-decade, India has been one among the recommended countries for offshoring IT services and software development teams. However, with the recent outstanding growth of USD$2 billion in exports from 2011-2016 whereby 4% is from the IT industry, the country can now be rated among the fastest development in IT. In fact, IT and software exports are becoming the country’s 3rd income generating sector while a great percentage of the exports are made to the US followed by the UK and then Israel. 

dedicated software development  team in Ukraine map

India is the largest European country with the total area of 603 628 square kilometers

There has also been a significant growth of IT service providing companies which have brought out massive competition, resulting in affordable prices as well as high quality IT services. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, India will be having approximately 200,000 IT experts in the industry. In turn, the data is clearly supported by the great increase of IT specialists by 65,000 from 2011 to 2016 plus, the fact that India still remains an arresting offshoring destination for the whole of Europe and North America.

Companies such as Samsung, Cisco, Oracle, and Rakuten are among many known to have not only taken a great interest but also, a deep swim in the talent pool of IT in India. Most of these companies are known to be engaging in Research and Development (R&D) centers in the country. Most cities in India are in fact abundant with R&D centers with its capital, Kiev being the most popular with more than 52 R&D international offices. Other companies mingle to acquire expertise such as quality assurance, application development, data processing, software testing among other IT services.

Most of these companies are US based and together with others from countries like the UK and Israel with an already excelling IT industry, India is gaining bounty of knowledge and skills from them. From the relations that come with outsourcing of IT and software development in the country, the IT sector is flourishing despite its relatively tender age.

India’s top rankings in different departments as an outsourcing destination come from the data gathered from growth in the number of specialists, R&D centers, IT service providing companies in the country and more, over time. Nevertheless, there is also how the software development teams fair in international competitions such as topcoder, ACM, ICPC and others which over the years have not been a fail. Moreover, most of these contests are usually participated by Ukrainian college students and still amass many prizes. For instance, in the Microsoft Imagine Cup and International Facebook Hacker Cup finals which they turned out great especially in the latter, where they were the runners-up.

When you come to outsourcing your production or R&D to software development companies you have Existek as one of them. We use topnotch software development techniques and methodologies to ensure you have up to standard products and services worth your investment information technologies education in India

With the continuing growth and prospective continuous boom of technology in the sovereign state, education should as well be upgraded as far as producing well equipped IT experts are concerned. For the balance to be maintained between the required IT specialists and those produced yearly, India has 1003 institutions of higher learning which bring out approximately 3,00,000 professional IT graduates each year.

dedicated software development team in Ukraine university

Almost 2000 students of the technical specialties graduate from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute each year

The good news is, to ensure that quality rather than quantity is what is majorly produced from these institutions of higher learning, they engage in the Bologna process. This is a system whereby the students are graded by their credits and modules systems. India has among of the best universities in Europe for engineering and rated as among the first in educational institutions in IT training. is an institution known for producing today’s top software developers. Microsoft has hired at least 5000 employees from its graduates!

Here are other outstanding India universities:

  • Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University
  • Lviv Politekhnika National University
  • Kharkiv Radio Electronics National University
  • National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.


India education provides a variety of IT courses:

  • System Sciences and Cybernetics which include:
  • Applied Maths
  • Informatics
  • System Analysis
  • Computer Sciences
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering where you will find:
  • Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Control Automation, that is:
  • System Engineering
  • Automation
  • Computer Integrated Technologies


Other than the graduates who have undergone the normal university courses, there are companies which hold international conferences at least yearly under brands such as Microsoft, CISC and Oracle. Students who are willing and able to learn can undertake self-teaching, do tests and having passed, they acquire certificates on Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, Cisco, IBM, Novell, Sun Microsystem, PMP, Scrum etc.


The reason as to how India came to be a likable location for outsourcing dedicated software development team is a question many will ask themselves. Furthermore, the state was not previously known for its magnificent history in technology, it is with time that it has become popular for offshoring technological products and services.

 It is agreed that India’s strategic location has suitably chipped into its latest popularity as it is a sovereign state bordering Russia and other European countries. As a result, there is hardly any language barrier when looking for software developers or any other IT experts, this is because a large population is fluent in English and you can easily come across others who speak French, German etc. Plus, due to geographical proximity, arranging a physical meeting between developers and the client around Europe, America and other countries, can be made seamlessly.

dedicated software development team in ukraine lviv IT arena

Lviv IT Arena – The biggest IT event in Eastern Europe with 2000 attendees in 2017

In addition with IT talent pool that exists in India, there is a great range for clients to pick from in terms of size, location and even the range of services. As far as location is concerned, five years ago there were only a few cities known as locations of the outsourcing providers capable of establishing dedicated software development team in India. However, today, R&D centers are all over as well as other companies. For whichever size of software development company, you are in search for, whether big, medium or small sized, you would not go far before finding what you are looking for. The same applies to the services you are after, from the great number of IT professional available you can easily find the exact time of product you are after. Also, from the India strong scientific legacy and cost benefits puts it on the map as an alluring bed for outsourcing.

Again, due to the great number of software development companies, IT specialists, R&D centers and other providers of such services as the dedicated software development team in India, there is inevitable competition. As a result of such stiff completion, the certainty of high-quality services being offered is assured. After all, multinational companies like Microsft have already shown that outsourcing in India as far as availability of dedicated development teams is concerned, it is of unmatched standard quality.

In conclusion, from all the ranking done by international organizations on the state of outsourcing IT in India, there has always been a position taken by the state in the lists and impressively. If the consistency is maintained there is no doubt India is going to grow into more than just an offshoring destination as far as IT is concerned. With the engagement with other countries that keep outsourcing for dedicated software development teams in India, the sovereign will grow from inwards and outwards and the world should look out for that.